Getting Up to Speed on LLMs and AGI

All of the podcast episodes and videos I went through to gain a mental map of the field.

Xander Dunn, 16 Jan 2023

When I decided to focus on language models and paths toward general intelligence I found it useful to gain a map of the people who’ve developed the state of the art by listening to them.

Conversations over a few years old are generally not very relevant given how quickly the field has changed, so I skipped most older conversations.

This is about learning the vocabulary, the state of the art, what the people are like, and where they think their work is headed. Of course technical details and actually how to do these things is going to require a lot of engineering and paper reading that is definitely not contained within these.

In no particular order.


Should be able to find any of these on your favorite podcast app, such as Overcast, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Audible, etc.


Categorizations: Alignment, Safety, Capabilities, Reliability, Scalability. It was helpful for me to keep track of these categories and how they were used throughout the conversations. Occasionally even the podcast interviewers mixed them up, and of course they’re all intertwined.

A Summary of Popular Positions