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All of the AGI-related science fiction I've found fun, interesting, enlightening, inspiring, and maybe even challenging.

Xander Dunn, 22 Jan 2023

There are some spoilers in the below reviews. If you're particularly sensitive to spoilers, read the book first and only then read my review.

In no particular order:


Movies and TV

A man in a giant metal yoke preparing to look up files on a computer.
Consider for example this human who is strapping into a massive metal yoke to look up files on Project 2051 (little more than a Google search).
Pluto: The United States is secretly run by a creepy Teddy Bear robot hooked up to a super computing apparatus. Makes sense.
The sentient robot in Rick and Morty being told that its purpose is to pass the butter.


I haven't read these yet so I can't endorse them, but they're on my reading list and hope they're good AGI reads.


A 4x4 matrix showing quadrants of wars between man vs. robot, man vs. man, and robot vs. robot.

Fermi's Paradox and AGI

Every sci-fi author must deal with two elephants in the room: Fermi's paradox and the development of AGI. Otherwise, it just isn't believable and doesn't fit into our world. The fact is that there appear to be no aliens in our universe, so how do we justify writing science fiction that's full of aliens? Additionally, if our sci-fi assumes runaway technological progress, then why isn't the future just a panoply of inconceivable super intelligent AIs and superhuman transhumans that the reader has nothing in common with? Or, how do we create conflict in a universe where the AIs have solved all problems? These are some of the answers to these questions I've seen in the sci-fi I've read:

A Fire Upon the Deep
Ancillary Justice
The Culture Series (The Player of Games, Excession)
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep
Children of Time
Three Body Problem
The Caves of Steel
Project Hail Mary

AI Main Characters

Even most far-future sci-fi with full ASI still features humans as the main characters. When I find a book that features something other than a human as main character, I find it very interesting. It's no small task to make a non-human main character that a human reader becomes invested in, identifies with, and wants to see succeed.


Although there are still several humans the book repeatedly visits, I would say several of the ship Minds count as main characters as well.

Ancillary Justice

The main character is fully an AI, although it is inside a human body and most of the time indistinguishable from a human.

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